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In our flagship location in Navan, your dogs and cats will enjoy everything from a large outdoor run for your dog’s supervised playtime to a cattery with individual suites for your feline. It’s truly the lap of luxury (see what we did there?).

Here at Eastway Pet Resort, we’ve made it our mission for over 20 years to provide the best experience for both owners and their pets. Our dedicated, pet-loving staff treats all of our guests with the greatest of care. It’s so much more than boarding. Depending on the package, we can play with or walk your dog (but don’t worry–all dogs get outside playtime), give your cat the attention they’re accustomed to, and ensure that your four-legged family members are happy and healthy during their stay at our Navan location.

Fulfilling Your Cat’s Needs

Our cattery is designed specifically with felines in mind. It is fully heated and air-conditioned, and offers three different types of suites to meet the needs of your discerning cat(s). Large windows bring in a lot of light, and all cats who stay at Eastway Pet Resort – NAVAN are served by appropriately worshipful staff who daily clean their suite, change their bedding, and refresh their litter.

Eastway Pet Resort

Loving Care for your Four-Legged Family Members

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