Cat Boarding–Navan

Cats like comfort, attention, space to be themselves, and let’s be honest, a little worship.

Our cattery is designed specifically with felines in mind. It is fully heated and air-conditioned, and offers three different types of suites to meet the needs of your discerning cat(s). Large windows bring in a lot of light, and all cats who stay at Eastway Pet Resort – NAVAN are served by appropriately worshipful staff who daily clean their suite, change their bedding, and refresh their litter.

At Eastway Pet Resort – NAVAN we focus on providing your imperial feline with the care and attention (worship) they are used to. We work with you to create a custom package that ensures your cat has all the comforts of home (and maybe a little extra). Remember, if you’re too rushed, we can arrange to drop off or pick-up your pet as well.

Eastway Pet Resort – NAVAN
3925 Milton Road, Navan, ON K4B 0B1
Phone: 613 835-3646


Luxury Suite

Your cat will love the floor-to-ceiling picture window. This suite offers four different perches and a scratching post. It has lots of room and is our only suite that can accommodate two cats. If you’d like to board your two cats together, book early to ensure you reserve the Luxury Suite.
1 cat = $24.00 / day
2 cats = $30.00 / day (sharing accommodations )

Semi-luxury Suite

This corner suite, offers lots of floor space with two levels, a picture window, and a scratching post. It’s a great suite for a younger, more active cat, as it boasts ample room to play. Remember that cats have the run of the cattery (giving them a chance to stretch their legs) while their suite is being cleaned.
1 cat = $22.00 / day

Regular Suite

This suite is the perfect choice for a less active or senior cat; but don’t worry: it still has two levels, a scratching post, and a great picture window.
1 cat = $20.00 / day

Feline Vaccinations

All cats staying at Eastway Pet Resort (for their safety and the safety of other residents) need to have up-to-date Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Rabies vaccinations. A signed certificate of up-to-date vaccinations is required from your veterinarian upon arrival. You can also email it to us prior to your stay to save time (and hassle) on drop-off day. You can email us at

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Basic Boarding

All suites come with our basic boarding service. Additional services (listed below) can be added to your daily cat boarding rate. Call us for details. Our daily cat boarding rate includes the following services completed each day:

  • all suites are cleaned and disinfected
  • bedding is changed
  • litter is cleaned or changed
  • fresh water is served
  • each cat is given the opportunity to run around the cattery while we clean their suite
  • we can provide dry food only, but there is an additional cost of $2.00 per day per pet

We Also Offer

Cuddle Time / Brushing

At Eastway Pet Resort, we focus on providing your cat with the care and attention (i.e., worship) they are used to. We work with you to create a custom package that ensures your cat has all the comforts of home (and maybe a little extra).

$3.00 / day


Medications have become very much a part of our pets’ lives. Whether it’s their routine thyroid medication, or pain medication for arthritis, we have experienced staff ready to keep your cat on their schedule. Because every cat’s medication requirements are different, please contact us to go over their needs so we can ensure the safe and effective delivery of their medications. At that time we will quote you on the costs for administering their medications on a daily basis.

Airport Pick-Up & Delivery

As we all know, vacation or travel for work is hectic enough. We offer the convenience of home or airport pick-up and delivery of your pet, so you can get on your way without having to worry about dropping off the cat(s). Check out our service in more detail.