Doggie Daycare Limoges

Doggie Daycare is a group play environment, designed for dogs that love being social with other dogs. Daycare provides an outlet to expend excess energy, socialize, exercise, and remain active.

Dogs are social animals that need exercise and stimulation, and Doggie Daycare is the best way to provide both.

Full Day Doggie Daycare Rate: $25.00
(Includes all day play)

Benefits of Doggie Daycare

In this program, dogs socialize and unwind in a controlled and fully supervised, safe setting. While it is just fun, this exercise helps curb behavioural problems, separation anxiety, and boredom, providing you with peace of mind, knowing your dog is having fun.

  • Cage free environment
  • Fully monitored by trained staff
  • Large outdoor play yards
  • Large pond for swimming in the summer
  • Fresh water, treats, and potty breaks throughout the day

We also offer

Baths & Grooming

We offer full boarding and bathing services for your dog during their stay. Our groomer, Joanne, is an experienced dog groomer comfortable with all breeds of dogs. Call our staff today for a quote.


Whether it’s their routine thyroid medication or pain medication for arthritis, we have experienced staff ready to keep your dog on their schedule. Because every dog’s medication requirements are different, please contact us to go over their medication needs so we can ensure the safe and effective delivery of their medications.

Airport Pick-Up

As we all know, vacation or travel for work is hectic enough. We offer the convenience of home or airport pick-up and delivery of your pet so that you can get on your way without having to worry about dropping off the dog(s). Check out our service in more detail.